UK D8 Xenon Dive Light - Black

UK D8 Xenon Dive Light - Black

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Uk D8 Xenon Dive Light - Black

UK D8 Xenon Dive Light (Black)

Using long lasting disposable alkaline D-size batteries the 14 watt D8 delivers plenty of light for 7-10 hours in remote locations where there is no electricity. The long shelf life of alkalines will insure the light is ready when you need it in an emergency. Back home or where there is electricity, power the D8 up to its 30 watt maximum by adding the optional accessory Rechargeable Upgrade Kit. The unique dual lamp system allows you to switch between two different lamps underwater. Switch to a second lamp if the first burns out. When using the Rechargeable Kit switch between high-beam (30 watt) and low beam (14 watt). Use the high beam for spotting distant objects and the low beam for extending battery life.

  • Basic 14 watt model operates on 8 disposable alkaline D-cells
  • Rechargeable Upgrade Kit includes 30 watt lamp, rechargeable nicad pack and charger
  • Uses D-size rather than C-size alkaline batteries for twice the burn time
  • Dual lamp system allows switching between two lamps underwater
  • Nonbreakable locking switch prevents accidental actuation
  • Removeable pistol style grip included (lantern style grip optional)
  • Twin accessory slots accept contoured pistol or lantern grips as well as other light mounted accessories
  • Front lens surrounded with the thick rubber overmold for drop protection * Tough, non-corroding ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction
  • Rubber sleeve lanyard included
  • Waterproof to 500 feet
  • BRIGHTNESS: 245 Lumens
  • LAMP: 14 watt high brightness xenon filled lamp
  • BURNTIME: 7-10
  • BATTERIES: 8 D Alkaline
  • SIZE: 8.6 L x 4.3 W x 7.8 D inches
  • UK Model: 45022 - Sunlight D8, Pistol Grip, Black

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