Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian

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Voyage Of The Maiatla With The Naked Canadian

Imagine swimming, surrounded by hundreds of giant Manta Rays in the Sea of Cortez, or riding the tail of a hurricane towards Hawaii while a second storm threatens to overtake your small sailboat from behind.

The Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian, candidly chronicles the true-life adventures of a family of four that set forth on a 52 foot sailboat to circumnavigate the world. The life-long dream of the head of the household seizes the family's imagination and together they sail off on a voyage of discovery and often humorous misadventure, allowing the reader to experience what it is truly like on a daily basis to live the life of a 'Sea Gypsy' with a pair of precocious children and an initially apprehensive spouse as crew. The book covers the first year of the voyage, traversing the coast from Canada to Mexico; including being anchored in San Francisco during the assault on the World Trade Center -- experiencing the Golden Gate City gripped in fear, as well as tales of scuba diving the 'Great White Shark' infested waters of the Farallon Islands off the coast of California.

Life on the water includes cruiser's music festivals, exploring tropical desert islands, and a road trip through the Baja desert, which entails staring down the barrel of a loaded machine gun on more than one occasion. Despite our apparent carefree existence, the tragic destruction of several vessels and the loss of some friends, soberly remind us of the potentially dangerous life we were leading upon the sea. The other crazy cruisers that we meet along the way; the rich and famous, the poets, paupers and musicians whose own stories and lust for life, often bordering on the bizarre, unexpectedly injected spice and color into our lives as we wander under sail.

The author is a storyteller with the heart of an adventurer; he has the ability to infect others with his zeal for life and his love of the sea.

Written with the Spirit of Tristan Jones lurking in the shadows. Th e Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian effectively captures the day to day essences of contemporary cruising. Th e author is a vivid story teller who lures the reader into joining his family to share their daily experiences as they rediscover the world on their own terms from the deck of a 52 foot sail boat. Good family fun and High Seas adventure. Full of laughs, fears and heart felt honesty. For armchair sailors or anyone dreaming of sailing over the horizon, a must read.

Commander J.P. Lawson. RNR. RD (Retired)

From Hurricanes to the placid sea of Cortez, from gun toting Mexicans to swimming with Giant Manta Rays and the bitter loss of fellow cruisers, there is never a dull moment for this Canadian sailing family as they endeavour to live out their cruising dreams. Th e Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian is full of memorable characters not the least of which is the Author whose obvious disdain for clothing is celebrated in song, written by a San Franciscan musician. A refreshing look at a lifestyle that most fantasize about but few dare to attempt.

Bay Cruisers Association of San Francisco

Trafford Publishing
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