The Mount Clare Murders

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The Mount Clare Murders
A killer terrorizes the residents of the usually peaceful Mount Clare neighborhood on the Northwest side of Chicago. Young Michael Fletcher can’t help feeling a frightening connection to the killer and is certain their paths will cross. Michael and wife Joyce are doing their best to carry on with life as usual despite their worries about the killings. Joyce stays busy at her job in the savings and loan and keeping up their modest little bungalow. Michael, busy with school and work in his Father’s business, finds time to be out with best friends Hank and Dan. The three men are joined by Michael’s troubled younger brother Billy as they plan an exciting but dangerous scuba diving adventure. They will dive in January beneath the ice in a deep Wisconsin quarry. The brutal murders in the neighborhood continue and the police haven’t a clue. Michael sees the open bedroom window and knows the killer has been in his house. Now they fear for their lives and he and Joyce suspect brother Billy but have no proof. Michael looks for help from his father who tells him he is working too hard and just needs a vacation. The police investigating the case tell Michael he has an overactive imagination. The relations between brothers and friends strain. Too many martinis cloud Michael’s good judgment, and in a desperate attempt to get Billy off the street, he goes to the wrong people for help. His mistake leads to another man’s murder. But now the police have a man in jail. The Holidays are here and folks are finally able to relax. But is the wrong man in jail? The day of the big ice dive arrives and the four men descend through two feet of quarry ice into a strange world of underwater adventure. Gliding through the liquid space all is peaceful until the game turns deadly. Is one of them the killer? Who will survive? Who will never return to the surface?
Andrew Costello
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