Ten Best Things To Do On The Great Barrier Reef

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Ten Best Things To Do On The Great Barrier Reef
This short travel guide (67 pages) is packed with insider tips that will help make your visit to the Cairns Great Barrier Reef an experience of a lifetime!

There are so many factors to take into account when choosing a reef trip that it can become a real headache! You can find yourself spending valuable holiday time researching all the options: Inner Reef vs. Outer Reef, pontoon or no pontoon, big boat vs. small boat, 30 passengers vs. 300 passengers, and so on. Choosing the right reef trip for you can quickly get very confusing!

This book takes the headache out of choosing the right reef trip. In this book you will discover:

• the best time to go snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef
• the best places to snorkel on the GBR on a limited budget
• how to avoid a major disappointment simply by checking the tide tables
• a flowchart that helps you decide which is the right reef trip for you
• maps of the reefs off Cairns and Port Douglas
• a list of the Reef Boats operating out of Cairns and Port Douglas
• the best things to do on the Reef if you’re a family with kids
• where to see the best coral and marine life the GBR has to offer without going to the Outer Reef (a 25 min boat-ride instead of a 90 min boat-ride)

and much more!

In just a few seconds you’ll have all the information you need to ensure that your visit to the Great Barrier Reef is the holiday of lifetime. Scroll to the top and click ‘Buy Now’ to start planning your GBR holiday!
Michael Southon
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