Plankton We Have Heard on High

Plankton We Have Heard on High

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Plankton We Have Heard On High
A short tale of intrigue and a compendium of delightful holiday carols for marine creatures....

What's the story?
Charlie and Allison (husband and wife, maybe in their early thirties, somewhere around there) are about to head off to Cozumel for the holidays, do a little drift diving, see?

Right before they're scheduled to leave, Allison asks Charlie to meet her for dinner at this weird restaurant. So he gets there, see, but when he spots her among the crowded tables, he can tell that she's terrified of someone or something. And she disappears before he can get to her.

Somebody in the restaurant knows something, but nobody's saying jack about it to Charlie, and Charlie's going ballistic.

Can Charlie rescue his wife?
Or have the Knights Templar failed to stop Mozart from destroying the world?
Find out for one lousy buck.

You know, folks, a lot of people I've talked to say they love this book. For instance, my neighbor (that's my neighbor from my old place, not the dump I'm living in now) says it's the most compelling underwater thriller he's picked up in ages.

So what do you say, folks, give it a whirl?


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