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Our Adventures On Board Samana
'Our Adventures on Board Samana' is a journal of a family's sailing adventure through the Caribbean. The book takes you along with us on our travels from Charleston, SC to Grenada, and back, over the course of three years. This voyage was a lifetime dream for me, and I was lucky enough that my husband, and our two children, shared the same Caribbean sailing dream. Our adventure started when we came home from a three week summer sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands. It was initiated when our two children exclaimed, as we walked through the door of our house, "we're ready to go back. You see, the cat and dog are just fine". We spent many months researching sailboats that would be comfortable for a liveaboard lifestyle. We chose a very beautiful and 'beamy' Jeanneau 50, with three large cabins. Three months later, we were on our Bahamian adventure. This lasted only five months as a strong hurricane chased us home. Just six months later, we decided to try it again. We were serious this time, and sold our house and cars and took off. This time, we fulfilled our dreams. We started in Charleston, SC and island hopped our way through the Bahamas, down the island 'highway', all the way to Grenada. Along the way, we experienced set-backs and some intense weather conditions, including riding out a hurricane. Surviving these events made us stronger. Lucky for us, we had far more good weather experiences. We met many wonderful and interesting cruisers and islanders along the way. After visiting each of the many beautiful islands, we discovered how different and unique each one was. Come along with us on our journey to discover the wonders of the Caribbean.
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