Near Miss

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Near Miss
Displaced international consultant Dayle Standish
heads for the Caribbean, following a losing battle
involving corporate intrigue and blackmail.

Diving Cozumel’s azure waters, Dayle photographs
a mysterious encounter inside a deep underwater cave.
Soon after, a deadly assassin working for a foreign intelligence service starts targeting Cozumel dive operator Terry Manetta's customers. But Dayle is determined not to become the next victim, keeping one step ahead of a relentless killer pursuing her across the Atlantic and back to the Mexican Caribbean.

Terry and her husband, former New York City detective Joe Manetta, team up with old friends at the NYPD, FBI, and CIA, to solve this international caper. Throw in the Washington DC PD and the alphabet soup gets even thicker, as spies, treasure hunters, and Cozumel scuba divers collide in this Caribbean adventure.

It's been several years since Terry and Joe Manetta accidentally embroiled themselves in a Caribbean mystery thriller. Their latest adventure covers an international triangle anchored in New York City, Havana, and Cozumel with brief stopovers in Washington D.C., Madrid, and Cadiz.
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