NEW Retail Boxed DVR Camera for Cruiser Bike

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New Retail Boxed Dvr Camera For Cruiser Bike
The so called footage you get from other "action" cameras will seem like a kindergarten craft project compared to the real-life action videos you can make with the BulletCam. Lightweight, Uber-durable and ridiculously easy to use, the BulletCam helps you prove that you have indeed been there and done that - you weren't just blowin' smoke.
The BulletCam comes with a myriad of mounting methods, ensuring that you can attach this action-cam to just about anything with, and without, wheels - quickly mounts and securely locks onto handlebars, dashboards and helmets, or any other surface that you can apply a magnet to, or simply use Velcro. Never again will you miss a moment of your adventures. Bicycle Mount
Kit includes accessories to mount on any bicycle frame or handlebars.

Motorcycle Mount
Kit includes accessories to mount on any motorcycle, including Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Harley-Davidson - any ole motorcycle will do.

Helmet Mount
Kit includes accessories to mount on most helmets - motorcycle, cycling, climbing, military and Emergency Services.

Easy to Use
You can start recording with just one touch of the oversized on/off button - even while wearing gloves.

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