More Bargirls, Bini Boys & Blades: More True Adventures in the Philippines

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More Bargirls, Bini Boys & Blades: More True Adventures In The Philippines
Even more true adventures in the Philippines with pick pockets, scammers, pirate banca captains, dodgy business partners, suicidal scuba divers and a lot more! The highly entertaining and easy to enjoy writing style of the author once again gives the reader excellent value for money in this second volume of Bargirls, Bini Boys & Blades!

Learn the expat secrets about buying a gun in a country over flowing with lots of them, or how it feels like to break down, at night, in bandit country! First hand, true adventures told in a gritty, streetwise style by a former Military Policeman and security consultant who has lived in the Philippines for many years. Can you do business with locals and not get burnt? How do the professional thieves and pickpockets operate? All of that hard learned experience is inside these pages.
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