Lay Down With Dogs

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Lay Down With Dogs
Tom Cutler got involved with the wrong people and the results were disastrous. The woman he thought he loved, but knew form the start was poison, crushed him and the woman who raised him was robbed and battered by a low-life drug dealer. He was determined regardless of the consequences to rectify both of these unsettling situations. His common, do-as-your-told life came to an immediate and dramatic halt as he entered into a world he knew nothing about. His pursuit of the criminal took him to Thailand where he joined up with an eccentric Old Man and an adventurous woman who became his inseparable allies and tutors in his quest to right past wrongs. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually he wasn't prepared for the path he chose to follow; understanding why he was involved with the woman and tracking-down the maggot thief. He fumbled his way around Thailand, sometimes comically, sometimes dangerously, slowly acquiring the needed tools to accomplish his goals. Politics, religion, sex, drugs, love as well as the metaphysical all contributed to readying him for the final confrontation which even he in his wildest dreams would not have anticipated.
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