Labors In Liquid - The Working World of Professional Divers

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Labors In Liquid - The Working World Of Professional Divers
This book is a two-part look at some of the more thought provoking facets of diving. Book One is a collection of magazine articles - a series called Working Divers that was very enlightening to research and write about. These twenty widely-varied stories, from EMT divers to u/w inspection teams to Navy researchers to movie producers, just begin to scratch the surface of the boundless career opportunities available in the fields of commercial and military diving.
Book Two begins immediately following Book One, and is a look at the life and career of one of the most influential but little-known men in the history of diving. Captain Claude A. Harvey, MD, USN, MC,spent nearly every day of his twenty-six year Navy career pioneering in the physics and physiology of hyperbaric medicine. Deeply involved in the intertwining fields of diving and submarine medicine, Doc Harvey literally wrote the book on much of what we know today about the effects of tremendous pressure on the human mind and body. His story, from the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma to the pinnacle of Navy diving, is one that will captivate and inspire.
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