Jumpstart the Divemaster In You: Tips To Make You Look Like A Pro On The Boat (A scuba-diving-smiles.com New Diver Series)

Jumpstart the Divemaster In You: Tips To Make You Look Like A Pro On The Boat (A scuba-diving-smiles.com New Diver Series)

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Jumpstart The Divemaster In You: Tips To Make You Look Like A Pro On The Boat (a Scuba-diving-smiles.com New Diver Series)
About The Series: "Jumpstart the Divemaster in You"

This series of 7 booklets (or 2 value priced boxed sets) is aimed at the new scuba diver or the diver that has been away from the sport for an extended period of time and needs a refresher. Each booklet is full of practical and easy to follow tips that are designed to improve specific dive skills, increase the divers confidence and allow the diver to get the most out of his/her diving.

Each booklet is written in plain English and is not simply a rehash of what was taught in your scuba certification course. Instead, these scuba lessons are the 100% practical real life side of diving. The author relates many real life stories throughout all the booklets and tells what she has observed and learned during her diving career. Her conversational way of writing makes it easy to learn from her experiences - and her mistakes. It's like having a down-to-earth friend give pointers, answer questions and offer advice that you can easily relate to because the author has been in your position.

About The Booklet: Jumpstart the Divemaster in You - Tips to Make You Look Like a Pro on the Boat

(30 printed pages; 12,431 words)

Unsure of what to do on a dive boat? Don't want to embarrass yourself in front of other divers? If you ever felt this way - don't worry. Those feelings will soon be a thing of the past.

It is only natural that when you first start diving you are a bit intimidated by going on a boat dive. It may seem like all the other divers on the boat are seasoned pros and you are the only "newbie". To add to that feeling of uneasiness, you are probably already nervous enough about the actual dive itself. The last thing you want to have to worry about is "annoying" other divers on the boat or doing something by accident that will win you those "looks or whispers."

This dive training booklet has been written to give new divers the confidence to walk on the dive boat like they have hundreds of dives under their belt. The author has :been there, done that" (many times over) and you can now learn from her experiences and many years of boat diving. She gives you all the information you need to now to have a successful and enjoyable boat dive.

In this booklet you will discover:

*3 things you need to do before even thinking about getting on the dive boat
*the single most important thing you can do to gain the respect of other divers
*3 things you are NOT supposed to do on a dive boat
*the BEST thing to do with all of your gear
*what you really need to bring on the boat - and what should stay on the dock
*the proper technique for exiting the boat - no matter what kind of entry the divemaster wants you to do
*what you never want to do when getting back on the boat
*the best techniques for avoiding seasickness

Don't waste any more energy and time worrying about your next boat dive - use this scuba diving training booklet to start feeling and looking more confident on your very next dive.

And, last but not least, a bonus section with a scuba lesson on dive etiquette is included in all the Jumpstart booklets. Once you read this bonus section, you know you will never be one of those divers that gets the dirty look from other divers. Your scuba instructor would be proud. (Booklet total: 12,431 words)

About The Author:

Dianne Rein is an avid scuba diver and traveler. When she was learning how to scuba dive in 1994 she did all boat dives and continues to do mostly boat diving to this day. She loves being out on the water.

When she isn't busy planning her next adventure, she can be found doing hands-on research for her website scuba-diving-smiles.com.

For a list of all Dianne's booklets and boxed sets, visit her author page on Amazon.
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