Dive-navigator HURGHADA und SAFAGA (German Edition)

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Dive-navigator Hurghada Und Safaga (german Edition)
German version of “Dive-navigator HURGHADA and SAFAGA??.
Atlas “Hurghada und Safaga?? include all the most popular reefs and wrecks along the western coast of Egypt to the south from the edge of El Gouna diving area, all around Hurghada and to the end of Safaga diving-area (Red Sea, Egypt).
Each of the sites in this Atlas has a picture of its relief with the necessary information: a compass for orientation, arrows showing the direction of prevailing currents, anchors, marking the places of moorings and also depth marks. The rest of the information such as diving routes, landmarks, points of interest and encountered livestock - is located in the narrative part. There are also GPS-positions of the moorings, a small sketch of locations, as well as availability, complexity, types of diving and the recommended level of training.
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