Divemaster - Just a course or a way of living? (Diving on Demand)

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Divemaster - Just A Course Or A Way Of Living? (diving On Demand)
Anywhere in the world you can follow a Divemaster course at one of the many dive organisations out there but did you ever ask yourself ‘why am I actually doing it?’ Is it because I would like to have a job in the diving industry or just because I want to have an extra card to show all my buddies and friends, or do I do it for…?

So you see there are enough possibilities, but there is not much information about what you as a Divemaster can do in the dive business. And most of all there is no information to be found anywhere about the pros and cons of being a Divemaster.

After working for more than 20 years as a dive professional all over the world, but also as a dive business owner, I have seen many differences in Divemasters, instructors and shop owners. So it is time for a Divemaster manual to prepare new ways and perhaps change some old bad habits.

There are Divemaster course books in abundance, but for those who take the leap and start a Divemaster course or job, there is a lot of missing information.

This book will give you all the opportunities available, as well as the new Divemaster and the ones who need just a little convincing to do the course. Also, I hope it will show the ones who do not realise all the responsibilities that come with being a Divemaster to think twice before starting the course or a job at a dive centre somewhere in the world.

Also in this book you will learn about good and bad experiences (because these are also important for you to form a correct opinion) of Divemasters and instructors, as well as centre owners. And it will give you a small glimpse into the professional diving industry regarding planning, organisation and staffing.
Ramon Kaspers
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