Darkness Absolute: A Wreck Diving Story

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Darkness Absolute: A Wreck Diving Story
Diving deep beneath the icy waters of a remote Alaska fjord, a technical scuba diver explores the crumbling, silt-laden interior of a sunken passenger liner. The tantalizing promise of finding collectible artifacts may be scant reward for the dangers that await him inside the decaying, forgotten steamship. (6 pages—1200 words; short fiction)

About the Author

Acclaimed shipwreck explorer, technical diver and historian Steve Lloyd is best known for his nonfiction accounts of nearly a dozen Alaska shipwrecks, and for locating and documenting the two oldest shipwrecks ever found in Alaska waters: The Russian trading ship "Kad’yak" (1860) and the American troop transport bark "Torrent" (1868). Lloyd’s shipwreck articles have appeared in magazines and historical journals, and he is the author of the nonfiction book "Farallon": Shipwreck and Survival on the Alaska Shore (WSU Press, 2000). He continues to research and seek lost shipwrecks throughout Alaska.
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