Cressi Ellipse Black Mc5

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Cressi Ellipse Black Mc5
Cressi Ellipse Black Mc5. This regulator is made up of the excellent 2nd stage Ellipse, with elastomer cover (Black version) combined with the MC5 diaphragm first stage.Its strengths lie in its extreme lightness, excellent performance, very easy maintenance and affordable purchase price.1st stage MC5The MC5 first stage, which was entirely developed by the Cressi Design and Development Centre, is a diaphragm first stage of extremely low weight and size with highly technological content. The sliding cylinder of the piston is sheathed with a special self-lubricating polymer which reduces internal friction to a minimum and totally eliminates any possible oxidisation that could alter the performance of the regulator over time.The high performance is further increased by a special assistance chamber that triggers a strong Venturi effect between the central diffuser and the intermediate pressure outlets.The hyper-balanced diaphragm mechanism not only maintains the performance of the regulator when the pressure in the tanks varies and depth increases, but even increases performance in the final stage of the dive, notoriously the most critical. A sintered filter with a greater surface area traps the impurities in the incoming air.The low and high pressure outlets are pre-oriented for ideal placement of the hoses.The small cylindrical body is completely covered by a protective elastomer shell.Dismantlement and maintenance are quick and easy thanks to the new INT yoke connection system or the internally threaded DIN fitting.Technical features * Hyper-balanced diaphragm first stage * 3 pre-oriented low pressure outlets * 1 high pressure outlet * Sintered filter with greater surface area * First stage completely protected by an elastomer shell * Available with INT yoke or with DIN 200/300 bar fitting * Weight of MC5 with INT yoke: 550 g * Weight of MCR with DIN 300 bar fitting: 450 g.
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