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Cay Sal
Cay Sal is an island in Bahamian waters but only 30 miles from CUBA. The fishing is great there. Scuba and Free Diving is excellent. Most water there is 45 to 60 feet deep however a hundred yards west there is a ledge that drops off 3000 feet. Cay Sal became a basis for Elbert's story telling after he heard of a plane crash that was missing. Elbert was an avid diver for years in north Florida off Shore and in the rivers of the mainland. The rivers presented artifacts of the paleolithic period with Mastodon and Mammoth Elephant teeth. Shark teeth found in rivers a hundred miles from the ocean made possible from years and years ago the whole state of Florida was once covered with water. Elbert has used this hobby to join with his writing and story telling And has resulted in many real Life adventures that really happened mixed with things that never happened. There is are two more books in this three book series coming after CAY SAL. They are, OLD GOLD and DIAMONDS AND GOLD. Elbert lives in south Georgia, USA in a rural small town on a small farm.
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