Black October (Kurt Valdez)

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Black October (kurt Valdez)
Former Texas businessman Lionel Hunt flees the United States to escape a conviction and finds the easy road to wealth selling self-distilled whiskey to Saudi royal family members. Among his business contacts, he is introduced to the Saudi Arabian Minister of Intelligence, Prince Mohammad al Rashid, who is to have a major influence on his future.

As the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon occur, Hunt finds himself incarcerated in an Arab prison, near one of the world’s harshest deserts.

At the same time in Afghanistan, CIA Non-official Cover (NOC), Kurt Valdez, is assigned to capture top Al Qaeda leaders, especially the co-conspirators of Osama bin Laden. This, he discovers, includes members of the Saudi royal family and Pakistani intelligence service (ISI). During his quest, Valdez crosses paths with a former Russian general turned arms dealer known as ‘Rhino’, whom he comes to believe has sold nuclear weapons to al Qaeda.

Filled with breathtaking turns of plot, Valdez finally joins forces with Prince al Rashid and Lionel Hunt to try to stop al Qaeda. The terrorists intend to destroy the Saudi’s prolific eastern oil facilities, the jugular and lifeblood of the world’s economies. Hunt’s expertise in the oil industry earns him a pardon and makes him invaluable in the joint efforts.

The final mind-bending sequences will leave readers shocked and worried. Not only is the work timely and informative, it illuminates the most daunting challenges for political, intelligence, and military leaders in this era of dwindling oil supplies and Arab revolutionary movements.

An astute analyst of international political and financial intrigue, the author is one of the finest thriller writers to come along in awhile. He has woven stories he heard during his time in the Middle East into a spellbinding novel.
Iron Oak Press
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