AirLine's 110E160 Hookah Dive System

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Airline's 110e160 Hookah Dive System
Continuous cycle performance. Run all day, every day. Do a permanent mount or pull out on the deck when needed. With less gear to don you're in the water in a fraction of the time as scuba, and no tank to bop the gel coat. Requires less buoyancy weight than scuba. Breathing is more comfortable than scuba as humidified is drawn in from the surface. Just be sure that the air around the compressor is uncontaminated. Very low noise level with a silent overpressure valve. Motor: 1-1/4 HP. Draw: 8 AMP working, 10.5 A full load. Output: 4.8 CFM @ 0 PSI, 3.3 CFM @ 40 PSI. Standard package is for a single diver. Compressor measures 10.5 by 7 by 12 inch high and weighs just 28 lbs on white, rubber footies. Balance of package includes a 5 Foot U.S. Navy heat hose; a 60 Foot down hose with high-flow, solid-brass, nickel-plated, swivel fittings (Absolutely no restrictive, breakable, plastics); a Tow Belt; Weight Belt; adjustable regulator, with comfort swivel and long mouthpiece, and User Manual. Recommended options are the Addit Diver package which includes all the things needed for immediate, screw-on inclusion; and the Padded Gear Bag for protection and low-volume storage.
AirLine By J. Sink
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